Hyperworkx SME Business Service

Hyperworkx is an Amsterdam-based enterprise that exists to serve small businesses. But why would you need our help? Well, let’s see.

It’s not hard these days to build a professional website for your business. You can go to Wix.com, and much of the work is done for you. Or maybe you’ll roll your sleeves up and build a stylish WordPress site yourself, loading it with a WooCommerce or Magento e-commerce plugin.

Even the content of your website might be easy to come by at first. You’ll flesh out the details of your business, maybe add a few product descriptions or decorate the site with some stock photos. All of this is cheap to do if you put the hours in. Alternatively, a web developer will do all the donkey work for you, if you have a few thousand euros to spare.

The problem for most companies looking for an internet presence does not arise from these early days of website construction. A bit further down the road, you need your site to feature high in search engine rankings and attract a constant stream of visitors. How do you achieve this? You guessed it; with regular high-quality content. And that’s where we come in.

Our small business service makes it easy for you to focus on your business and make a profit. The reality of owning an e-commerce website is that it’s tremendously difficult to keep adding fresh content, whether it’s industry news or blog entries. It takes valuable time to do it, and that’s assuming your company possesses the requisite skills in copywriting and multimedia.

Look around anywhere on the internet, and you will discover many abandoned company blogs or social media pages with nothing added for three or four years. Not only does this undermine a business and the confidence that potential customers have in it, but it also hurts SEO and search rankings. Let us be your content producers, and your worries on all these fronts will be over!